Series YS YU YC YY fractional horsepower motor
YL:two-value capactitor motor
Single-three-phase torque asynchronous motor
JW/JX/JY/JZ series motors
Motors used exclusively in cycloidal pin-gear speed reducer
The micro series of cyclodidal pin-gear speed reducer
YSB Micro explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motors
Y series three-phase asynchronous motors
ADF series three-phase low-noise motors specially used for fans
YEJ series electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motors
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credibility after the first sale sell products

only off-season thinking, no off-season market
● markets the same rule is always changing
moved to create The user is always right
market problem is the subject of our innovation Stare at the market closely to a reputation.
● The core competitiveness is to get the customer and user resources abilities

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